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I was flying around the internet on my broomstick this past weekend, and I read a comment that just blew me away.

The comment got me thinking, and I’m going to ask you all a few questions:

  • Do you have a blog?
  • Do you blog anonymously?
  • Why do you blog?
  • Imagine for a moment that someone told you, “Give it a rest, you’re a terrible writer and you should try knitting instead. Your writing is so boring that every time I read your blog, my computer automatically goes into hibernation.”  Would  this comment convince you to give up blogging?
  • And if no one ever commented on your blog, would you still blog?

I just want to clarify that no one has said this to me (not lately anyway :).

For the record, I blog to work off the stress induced by my day job (the job that pays my bills).

Sometimes, I will read something I have just posted on my blog, and mutter out loud, “Man that’s total crap.”

I’ve been known to delete posts.

But not always.

On a side note, I got into a war of words a few years ago, when I shared this sometime practice on another site, and got slammed by a few women who would NEVER delete posts on THEIR blogs. “That would just be WRONG,” like maybe the blogging police would show up at their doors and confiscate their computers, rip the buttons off their favorite jackets, and take away their muskets, all for the crime of deleting a post.


I blog for ME, because I think it’s fun, and I like staying in contact with people from all over the world!

If no one ever commented,  I would still blog.

For the record, I did not leave my own comment, on that other site, because I choose my battles carefully. I was appalled by the comment I read, but had no wish to become embroiled in a blogging war. Bad for my blood pressure, and a waste of my time.

My hope, dear readers, is that if someone ever tells you to give up blogging and collect mouse droppings you will ignore the ignoramus and keep tappin’ away.

There were approximately 126 million blogs in 2009.

Anyone who doesn’t like my/your blogs can ignore me/us.

Do what makes you happy.

What think you, dear bloggers?

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  1. Very nicely said. My reason for blogging is I enjoy it and feel very fortunate that I have garnered some friends in the process. I am surprised at the number of emails I receive instead of comments, but I can understand when people do not want something public.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Bob. I receive some emails also, instead of comments.


  3. Yep so right B.. I blog too and sometimes delete and sometimes are uncertain how it comes off to others.I will Never stop blogging or journaling.. it' just what I do and don't care what others do.I don't care if they comment or not. Your statement “I blog for ME, because I think it's fun, and I like staying in contact with people from all over the world!”
    is exactly right for me too! : )


  4. Glad to hear this, Carol!


  5. amen to this! although i do like to know some people read mine….and occasionally leave comments.


  6. I would be sad if no one ever left any comments on my blog but I mainly do it to amuse myself really.

    Sometimes I go off blogging but it's my 4 year blogoversary in a couple of days so I will keep on going.

    I have deleted some posts in the past but do try to be careful what I post as I try to remain as anonymous as possible – no one knows about my blog at work, none of my friends know about it either..


  7. Kelly, I hear you. I've “known” some bloggers for almost five years, and would miss them if they stopped commenting. But I would still blog!


  8. Lady Banana, thanks for your thoughts on this. There have been times, over the past three years, when I wished I was blogging anonymously.


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