Staycation coming up

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The Urban Dictionary defines a staycation as:

“A vacation that is spent at one’s home enjoying all that home and one’s home environs have to offer.”
It may seem like I’m a bit simple of me (ha!), adding the defining a ‘staycation,but I’m looking forward to a long weekend coming up on Friday.
I’ve got no big plans, just stick close to home, take some long walks, read, work on a secret project, watch  some movies, and CHILL (yeah, chillin’ is big with me right now).
Sunday is my day to catch up on laundry, which I’m doing right now.
I was awake and raring to go at 5:00 a.m. this morning.
One of the challenges of getting older is not being able to sleep for long periods of time.
When I was younger, I could rack up the hours, and it was great. Of course, when I was younger I had no concept of aging, getting older, and dying someday. As a young and foolish person, I knew that I would die some day, of course we all know that, right?
But death was far off, something that happened to other people.
Now, as a ripe old 61 year-old fiddle, I know better.
My popping knees and stiff joints remind me every morning 🙂
And that’s okay, it’s natural that my body is slowing down and needing more maintenance to keep working every day.
Just like the 1987 Chevy Malibu I used to own, this body needs a little extra care.
So for now, I’m off to shower and get outside for a walk, before the rain visits my neighborhood.
Happy Sunday to all.

Staycation countdown: 5 days!

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  1. We have a long weekend this weekend, not doing much, like you, just chillin' 🙂


  2. Hope you enjoy your long weekend, Lady Banana!


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