"Fringe" White Tulip (2010)

television”Fringe” White Tulip (2010):

Get ready folks.

The new television season starts in about a month, and I’m ready to watch new episodes of my favorite shows.

FOX finally started reruns of Fringe, one of my favorites, last night.

The best thing about Fringe is actor John Noble as the tortured/brilliant/wacky scientist Walter Bishop.

In one episode, I can watch Walter rave about coffee yogurt, milking his cow Gene, or providing long-winded explanations about time travel and other icky stuff I won’t give away right now.

Good fun.

Last night’s repeat episode, ‘White Tulip,’ gave me a chance to watch two tortured scientists bonding.

Peter Weller guest starred as MIT scientist, time traveling Alistair Peck.

The ick factor was, as usual, extreme last night,  as Weller’s character  performed unspeakable acts on his body, as a way or reuniting with his dead fiance. I won’t give away any more details, as I’m hoping you’ll  take a few minutes to watch Fringe and get hooked.

Again, good fun.

And Happy Friday!

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  1. Hello Bunny Beth! Long time no see. Thanks for your visit and concern. I'm fine and will be back to blogging.

    I wonder if Singapore will get “Fringe”. I didn't have much time for watching TV shows before, hope to catch some good dramas. 🙂

    Happy weekend!


  2. Hello ECL! I hope you get to see “Fringe” sometime, but know you are busy. I enjoyed your last post!


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