Who can buy, buy, BUY these days?

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At my age, I consider myself lucky to be working.

I give thanks every day that I’m employed.

But I work for a non-profit, so I’ve never made a lot of money.

This was a conscious decision on my part, when I decided to go to college at the age of 40+.

If I bought everything that was offered to me, from a variety of places, I would be unable to pay my rent.

Multiple offers arrive daily: Books, magazines, wine, chocolate, coffee, furniture, computers (hard for me to resist these), shoes, homes, cars, travel offers, credit cards, etc.

You get my drift.

The list is endless.

I know the American economy has thrived on credit for many years, but hasn’t this way of spending gotten us into too much trouble already?

So I’m sure the offers will keep on coming, and I’ll keep shredding them.

Perhaps I will buy something, sometime.

I am saving for a new computer.

I will admit to a twinge of guilt, from time to time, knowing that someone, somewhere, will probably lose his/her job because I did not agree to buy a case of fine wine every few months.

But my bank account looks a bit healthier than it used to, which I’m grateful for.

Anyway, end of rant, for today.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Sometimes I browse Amazon, just for fun. Then I start to receive emails trying to encourage me to buy what I had looked at.

    I don't take any notice, I am not to be swayed by anything like that – I buy when I “need” usually, rarely just for the sake of!


  2. Good for you,Lady Banana!


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