Confessions of a former couch potato

Behold: The brand new 3 pound wrist/ankle weights of a former couch potato

Over the years, I’ve had a million reasons not to exercise.
These days, I mainly have one excuse that dogs my heels.
“But I’m so tired,” usually uttered after a day at work, is my current issue.
Sometimes, I can literally talk myself into getting up out of my chair and get moving around. If I can cajole myself into getting up and moving, I always feel better afterward.
Last night, I was just too tired.

Tonight, no matter what, I’m doing my walk at home program using the weights shown above.
Because I’m no longer a couch potato!
And I’m always afraid I will fall “off the wagon” and stop exercising.
Is there an “couch potatoes anonymous” meeting anywhere?

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  1. It is very difficult to do any exercise after a day at work, I hope my 20 minute walk to and from work each day counts for something..


  2. I think it does, Lady Banana! I try to work some short walks into my day, like walking to the bus stop 4 blocks away from my job, instead of the one two blocks away.


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