You know you’re getting older when…

You get cremation offers in the mail.

Like every few weeks!


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  1. How gruesome! I don't mind the prepaid funeral ones, but I've never had a crematory contact me. Just ignore 'em, I say! Glad your back, if only sporadically, 'cause it means you're better!

    And thanks so much for tracking me down at my new digs.


  2. Thanks, Georganna! I think the cremation ads are a hoot. Just another company trying to sell me something, but that's another blog post! It was fun trying to find you!


  3. Aloha, Cloudia, from Seattle!


  4. Upsets our comfort zone to get such reminders. Well, some might act upon them!


  5. Oh dear, all I'm getting are special offers for insurance and banking for “older” ppl!


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