How the “Twilight” series finally hooked me

When Twilight was published in 2005, I read it with relish and rushed out to buy “New Moon” as soon as it was published.

About 50 pages into the third installment of the series, “Eclipse,” I got bored with what I felt was teen-aged angst and gave up.

Then a few weeks ago I saw an advertisement for the movie “New Moon” on cable television. Intrigued, I ordered “New Moon” and really enjoyed the movie.

The next evening found me rooting through my storage room for “Eclipse.”

Hooked, I restarted the book and finished it within one week.

I’m now about 100 pages into the final book, “Breaking Dawn.”

I’m a sucker for schmaltz, and a great love story.

And, as my late friend Mary D. used to tell me, I’m hooked on popular fiction.

Mary D. could never figure out my addiction to fiction that’s not “literature.”

I used to tell her, laughing, that I just love to read a simple story, well told, with strong characters and a satisfying end.

Since childhood, I’ve gotten lost in popular fiction, entering into the world of the characters and the story.

So I guess that I was hooked into the Twilight series, again, thanks to cable television, the movie biz, and the publicity guru’s who grab people like me and compel us to buy books and movies (although I got “Breaking Dawn” from the Seattle Public Library).

Gotta go and read more “New Moon.”

And Spain just won the World Cup–congrats to Spain!

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