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Earth Hour 2010

About 4:30 today, I decided to participate in Earth Hour 2010 this evening.

I’m home nursing a bad back (it’s an old problem) this afternoon/evening, so I thought it would be a kick to take some pics and post them at 9:30 p.m (because if I play on the internet from 8:30-9:30, then I’m not participating in Earth Hour!).

More later!

Update: So people are Tweeting during Earth Hour, so I guess that I will too 🙂

I’m using Blogger in draft, and suddenly can’t add a picture!

What the hey??

UPDATE: So Blogger in Draft is having some issues; I had to switch back to the old Blogger and post editor.

Here are three of the almost two dozens pictures I took during Earth Hour last night. I made it one whole hour without cable television, my cell phone, or the internet.

Imagine that!

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