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Taking the road less traveled for now

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This blog post contains an apology!

But first,let me explain.

At the end of October (2009), I had a blood test done which measured by blood sugars over a 3 month period (HA1C). Normal ranges from 4.5-6, and I scored a 10.4.

Well, as you all know, I made some radical changes to my diet, started exercising, and taking medication.

Last Saturday, I had the test run again and scored a 6.2, which is almost normal!

Besides my blood sugars normalizing, something else has happened which amazes me–I feel better, have loads more energy, sleep better, and can’t sit still as long!

I want to be more active, even after working all day.

So the pattern of my evenings has changed–dinner, medication, some housework, exercise, maybe 30 minutes of television, then to bed with a book.

What’s missing?

Oh yes, I’m spending less time on the computer, less time sitting in my chair, with my computer perched on my lap.

And, within a few weeks, I will be joining the local “Y,” as I want to be more active on the weekends also.

So, dear friends, here comes the apology.

I will have less time to visit, and comment on, your blogs.

My plan is not to disappear, just to be kind of absent.

Because, you see, life is interesting to me right now.

I’m spending lots of time studying, and practicing, yoga.

And I’m going to go swimming, take some exercise classes, and spend more and more time outdoors, because the days are getting longer again.

It’s a period of rejoicing for me, an exultant whoop of joy at feeling good again, not being weighed down by sadness and despair.

My years of self-exile have paid off, because I am no longer wrapped up in layers of protective bandages, to ward off more grief coming my way.


I scoff at grief (not really, just got a bit carried away for a minute).

I’m finally ready to grab life by the cajones again, and l.i.v.e.

So, friends, see you around.

Just not as often.

And one more thing: Thanks to all of you, for your support, your comments, your blog friendships.

I never would have made it this far without you all.


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