Yoga postures

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I found a great Yoga site, that offers instruction on basic yoga postures.

Thanks to, I also have a book on beginning yoga postures.

Today I tried Sukhasana, the sit/easy posture.

After watching many videos, online and on Exercise t.v., I decided that the best way is to work on the postures, then try the routines.

I did do a downward dog today, but I started to giggle and lost my balance, falling on my brand new yoga mat, collapsing in a fit of giggles, as I wondered what would have happened if I had tried downward dog six months ago!

When I started walking seriously, six months ago, I could not even walk without limping, because my arthritis was so bad.

It’s joy that I’m expressing right now, I’m sure.

My goal is to add yoga in slowly, along with my outside and inside walks.

It’s kind of fun!

And that’s the latest update on Fat Granny Yoga!

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  1. Thank you for leaving your Friend Description Word 🙂

    And Gran…

    Your fans DEMAND (lol) video…LOL LOL
    The downward doggie??? Oh my! LOL


  2. Hi Gran
    I go two times a week to Yoga
    its so relaxing 🙂
    Its good for body and mind !!!!
    Its good for you
    do it ….. go enjoy 🙂
    You can try on lesson .. !!


  3. Your so funny I could see me doing the same thing, I'm heading back to yoga Saturday am..wish me luck, I loved it and got away from it after my ovarian cancer Jan 08, time to go back.

    Dorothy from grammology


  4. Good to see you are enjoying the yoga!


  5. Downward Dog – I still cannot master that much to the amusement of all house guests over the Christmas/New Year period. That is how out of shape I am.


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