What a week, sports fans!

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What a week!

Not bad, just busy.

I’ve come home every night to enjoy peace, tranquility, and some wholesome nourishment.

But now it’s the weekend, and I’m going to visit some of your blogs.

I’ve included a pic of my favorite scary character, Pennywise the Clown, because I’ve gotten just a wee bit fussy this week, off and on, and have reminded myself to lighten up and not take everything so seriously.

It worked.

At times.

Anyhoo, look for me, at a blog in your neighborhood (or your blog, unless I get confused and wander off and visit bloggers who never visit me).


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  1. Oh gosh…
    that IS scary….

    If you visit me, please keep him outside, on the porch…

    LOL πŸ™‚

    Happy weekend Gran!


  2. It's odd tha tyou've posted a pic of the clown from “It” as I've been reading “Under the Dome” and chatting about SK novels on Twitter recently. “It” scared me too much and then i watched the movie. I must be insane!


  3. I could encounter your clown in broad daylight … but not in the dark please!


  4. Muse, will do! And I will be visiting, just didn't have the brain power for a game last night πŸ™‚


  5. I'm with you, Helen!


  6. DJ, I watch the television miniseries of 'It' a few times a year, and it always scares the beejeepers out of me!


  7. Hope you are having a lovely restful weekend there πŸ™‚


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