back to work

I spent yesterday getting ready to go back to work today–laundry, cooking, cleaning.

As I was completing my chores, I thought about how working orders my life, makes certain activities a necessity so that I can work efficiently and keep bring home the bacon!

Anyhoo, enough of that!

It’s a bit warmer in Seattle today, pouring rain, and we will back back to maximum staffing at work.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. I was back at work today, and it seems I have to go again tomorrow grrrrr, I was getting used to being a sloth! lol

    It's currently VERY cold here in London with a high chance of a lot of snow in the next few days. I don't like cold but in a way I am quite pleased it is a proper winter like they used to be when I was little πŸ™‚

    Hope you had a good day back at work!


  2. Instead of making Monday my first day of work in 2010, I chose Tuesday. πŸ™‚ Working as a freelancer/full time blogger does provide me some choices. No matter how, hope you had a lovely Monday! Happy 2010!

    Social/Blogging Tracker


  3. Ooopsss back to work
    be careful ……


  4. Hope your first day back to work is/was a good one Gran.
    WIshing you a wonderful 2010!


  5. Thanks, Joanna! Happy 2010!


  6. Will do, Anya!


  7. Thanks, Ching Ya! It's been a good week, just very busy.


  8. Thanks, Lady Banana! It's not too cold here, some rain. I'm having a very busy week at work, don't have a lot of energy at night for blogging.


  9. Gran,

    Happy New Year, may it be a good and healthy one for you.

    On Monday my newest granddaughter was born in TX. So the year has started off with excitement for our family.


  10. I understand those rules, limits, priorities…if there was no real world..I would stay lost in a book of parchment, quills and ink!


  11. It's not fun to be back to work after a week of holidaying. πŸ˜›
    Hope you have a great year ahead!


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