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Ah yes.

slap me silly, I made it to the weekend

It was tough going, at times, but I made it through the week at work.

I’m going to sleep, read, and exercise this weekend in the hopes that I will be 100% again by Monday when the work week starts all over again.

But I am celebrating today, with Gevalia Hazelnut coffee, made in my brand spankin’ new coffee maker.

See you around the blogosphere!

Still dukin’ it out with the cold

I’m getting to work every day, but still feeling a bit sickly.

Will answer your comments as soon as I can!

Thanks to all!

My Yoga book is here!

I’m a book geek.

Many of you know this about me, I guess!

Whenever I want to learn something new, I must begin by purchasing a book. Feeling a book in my hands is, for me, the definition of happiness.

My latest quest is to become a yoga practitioner.

So I bought a used book from–I just love buying used books!

And it came today: The American Yoga Association’s Beginner’s Manual, by Alice Christensen.

In the introduction, Ms. Christensen defines yoga: “Bringing the two halves of the personality together in balance and harmony produces a powerful, ethical, balanced person with extraordinary ability.” (page 14)


I’ll be happy to be able to perform the dancer pose (above).

This book geek and wanna-be yogi wishes you all a wonderful Sunday.

Nursing a cold

Photo credit.

I’m staying in this weekend, nursing a cold.

I bragged to myself the other day, about not getting the cold that my whole family, and everyone in Seattle (or so it seems) is suffering from!

It’s supposed to rain all weekend, so I’m going to be doing my indoor walking program, drink lots of hot tea with lemon, and stay warm.

And I’m going to read, and comment on, blogs!!

Happy weekend!

In appreciation of Robert B. Parker, creator of "Spenser for Hire" / The Christian Science Monitor –

In appreciation of Robert B. Parker, creator of “Spenser for Hire” / The Christian Science Monitor –

I finished Mr. Parker’s latest Spenser novel, “The Professionals,” last month.

And I’ve read every one of the Spenser books.

No more Hawk, or Susan, or Pearl.

I’m bummed.

And I offer my condolences to Mr.Parker’s family.

Yoga postures

Photo credit.

I found a great Yoga site, that offers instruction on basic yoga postures.

Thanks to, I also have a book on beginning yoga postures.

Today I tried Sukhasana, the sit/easy posture.

After watching many videos, online and on Exercise t.v., I decided that the best way is to work on the postures, then try the routines.

I did do a downward dog today, but I started to giggle and lost my balance, falling on my brand new yoga mat, collapsing in a fit of giggles, as I wondered what would have happened if I had tried downward dog six months ago!

When I started walking seriously, six months ago, I could not even walk without limping, because my arthritis was so bad.

It’s joy that I’m expressing right now, I’m sure.

My goal is to add yoga in slowly, along with my outside and inside walks.

It’s kind of fun!

And that’s the latest update on Fat Granny Yoga!

Honoring my ouchies

Photo credit.

Sometimes, knowing when to quit is the best gift you can give your body when trying to be leaner and more fit.

I walked for an hour yesterday, the did a few minutes of Shiva Rea’s Beginner’s Standing Pose.

Boy howdy, I felt GREAT last night.

This morning, however, I woke up with a few “ouchies.”

My plan is to work on the standing pose again today (no work for me today).

So I only walked for 30 minutes this morning, making sure to walk two blocks uphill to get a good workout.

Honoring my ouchies.

Have a good day, everyone!

Lost my video!

So sorry, I lost the yoga video. It just disappeared, so I deleted the blog post.

Here’s a picture I took, yesterday, on my television.

This is a Desi Bartlett yoga video on Comcast Exercise t.v.

Fat Granny Yoga

So I’m starting yoga at home.

And I’m starting slowly, with The Prayer Pose.

I just got my yoga mat, and I’m ready to go.

I’ve lost 46 pounds in the last 5 years; 20 of those pounds have been lost since August 2009.

When I lose another 25 pounds, I will no longer be considered obese by the medical community.

Thanks to a combination of weight loss and diabetes medication, I have a lot more energy.

I’ve been talking long walks outside, weather permitting (or sometimes in the foulest of weather), and I’ve been doing a walk at home program about 3-4 times a week.

But I want to do more, because I’m feeling better.

So I’m going to start yoga, ever so slowly, at home for now.

And I’m going to share my experiences with all of you.

I’ve decided to call these posts “Fat Granny Yoga” not to berate myself, but merely as a statement of fact.

I’m not as fat as I used to be!

I was going to name these posts “not as fat as I used to be granny yoga,” but that title is too long and clunky.

So fat granny yoga it is!

I start tonight, using my new yoga mat (on sale at Target).

I’ll keep you updated, once a week or so, about my progress (my slow progress).


(And wish me luck 🙂

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