Why I’m linking to amazon.com

You will see that I have added two links to amazon.com to my blog.

It’s because I am an amazon.com junkie.

Sad but true.

And no apologies!

It amazes and enthralls me that I can go online and order a new book, a pair of shoes, Christmas gifts, or groceries and have them delivered to my home.


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  1. They are also very fast, very reliable and they deliver to my place of work if needs be! πŸ™‚


  2. Just noticed you said groceries!!

    We don't get groceries on our Amazon.co.uk.. well not yet anyway!


  3. Yes, Lady Banana! This is new in the past year; Amazon is trying to compete with Safeway, which also delivers groceries.

    And I live in Seattle, where Amazon (U.S.) is based–it comes in handy to be so close πŸ™‚


  4. How did we ever live without Amazon !?!

    Happy new year


  5. That's fine with me too… I like Amazon also.

    I have ordered from here in the States online, over Amazon in Germany to my grand kids in Switzerland some gifts for Christmas. And they delivered everything in time, nice wrapped and I had nothing to do! Isn't it comfortable today with all these Internet stuff?????

    I wish you too a very Happy New Year and a lot of more good stuff to find on Amazon…smile…



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