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Happy New Year!

Have a great New Years!

You will all hear more from me in the New Year (just a few days).

Why I’m linking to

You will see that I have added two links to to my blog.

It’s because I am an junkie.

Sad but true.

And no apologies!

It amazes and enthralls me that I can go online and order a new book, a pair of shoes, Christmas gifts, or groceries and have them delivered to my home.


Photo credit.


Thought I’d post and catch you up (get it? ketchup? never mind).

My longish blogging break has resulted in the following:

-An almost 20 pound weight loss since September;
-Fasting blood sugar’s in the 110-130 range, which is nirvana;
-Increased energy;
-My depression, which has nipped at my heels for many years (2007-2008 being the worst), is gone city;
-A family member’s health crisis is being resolved (and for which we are all very thankful);

I will be visiting blogs today and tomorrow, and commenting.

My plan is to post at least 2-3 times weekly.

Hope you are all well!

Greetings of the Season to all

I’ll update you all soon, on my way to spend Christmas Day with my family.

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it is merry for you.

And if you don’t, blessings of the season to you.

I’ll be back soon.

Comments re-activated!

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