Wet Sunday

It’s a wet day here in the Pacific Northwest.

My lights were on at 10:00 a.m.

Today I’m cleaning, cooking beef barley soup in my crockpot, listening to music, and staying active indoors.

And I’m fixin’ to make some blog visits!

Back to work tomorrow.


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  1. keeping active indoors means a lot of cleaning and organizing. Yes, chores, movements that help us stay alive and functioning.


  2. It was dry here today in London which is good, I was starting to think we would need an ark!

    Why does the weekend go so quickly, I'm also at work tomorrow 😦


  3. It's been a wet, day from start to finish . Just one day like this and we're already missing the sunshine:((


  4. It rain here also cats & dogs 😦
    I think I go also clean the house !!


  5. I am waiting for such wet sunday. I just love reainy days. And yes Barley soup is also my favourite soup.

    r4i kort


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