Daily Archives: November 7, 2009

A day to unwind

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I’m celebrating.

Today is Saturday, and I don’t have to go to work.

It was such a stressful week for me–at work and personally.

As I blogged earlier in the week, I got diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. That’s better, thanks to better living through Cipro.

Last night I was so tired I had problems sleeping.

But things are looking up this morning.

I’ve completed my first walk at home mile this morning, before breakfast.

I’ll do another mile tonight, after dinner.

It’s raining so hard today, and cold.

I plan to get out for a bit, but my plan is to relax and unwind today.

So I’m going to watch movies, read, read some blogs, and just take life a lot slower.

Tomorrow I’m going to clean, do laundry, and get ready for another week of work.

So take care, and if you’ve read this far, thanks a lot!


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