November? Already?

Okay, enough about family problems, illness, and sad stuff.

Can you believe it’s almost November?

My family started planning Thanksgiving dinner today!

What will you be doing for Thanksgiving?

I’ve got a chicken baking in the oven, and the warmth feels great. It’s sunny here today, but quite cool.

Gotta go and visit your blogs, and hopefully comment with wit and intelligence (but don’t count on it :).


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  1. I will probably be resting, because I will just have flown back from Egypt.


  2. We're not sure. We may be in Missouri or in Ohio or we may stay here in Georgia. I'm not a big holiday fan, though I do like Christmas Eve, and you have you have to get through Thanksgiving to get there.


  3. Happy comfort and pies to us all-

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral


  4. It's November and for the rest of the world, that doesn't mean Thanksgiving 🙂


  5. I know, Braja. I'm being an American, thinking it's all about us :).


  6. Cloudia, you said it!


  7. Thanks for answering, Grandpa. It's family time, for me, and I daydream for weeks before about growing up, and my parents, who are both dead, and all the good times we had over the years. And some challenging times as well!


  8. Dakota Bear, sounds like lots of fun, going to Egypt!


  9. Pity we don't get anything like Thanksgiving, I love any excuse for time off work!


  10. Lady Banana: It's a good old American excuse to consume vast quantities of food and watch football games 🙂

    And the extra days off from work, of course.


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