Sick day and swine flu Seattle update

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At my work, these days, you can’t come in to work if you have a sore throat.

And I have a sore throat, am getting the cold that Seattle is spreading around, and have some other (kind of icky) symptoms that may be related to my diabetes medication.

But swine flu has hit Seattle, including my workplace. We have a few people out with confirmed cases of the flu.

And I just learned that a family member, three years old, has been exposed to the swine flu.

So I’m home today, drinking tea with lemon and staying hydrated.

I hope you are all well.

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  1. I do hope your friend's daughter is ok? Get some rest hun.


  2. If you develop a temp you need to get checked for swine flu as, due to yoru diabetes, you will need antiviral treatment. So if you get a temp call your antional flu line for advice, keep drinking those fluids and don't let your blood sugars get out of control. xo


  3. Thanks, DJ. I'm watching everything today 🙂 No temperature yet, thank goodness!


  4. Thanks, Rose. I hope everyone is okay!


  5. Hope it doesn't turn out to be anything nasty – get well soon!


  6. Thanks, Lady Banana!


  7. get well soon…don't worry, it's not the swine flu!!!!


  8. Aloha, Cloudia!


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