pack your red wine vinegar carefully

This is my 60th year on this great earth, and I tell you it pays to cultivate a sense of humor.

I spent my entire work day smelling like red wine vinegar.

My office still smells of red wine vinegar.

My backpack, freshly washed in the washing machine,no longer smells like red wine vinegar.


In my latest life quest, i.e., to lower my blood sugar and become a middle-aged testament to good health, I have been scouring the internet for ways to spice up my meals and create variety.

I’m eating three meals and three snacks, every day, and I’m still learning what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

I’m consuming 2 cups of raw veggies every day, and this weekend I found out that sprinkling my veggies with a little vinegar gives a little taste boost to my healthy snacks.

So this morning, I decided to pack two teaspoons on red wine vinegar with my lunch.

It was 7:30 a.m., my 1.5 cups of java had not yet kicked in, so I carefully measured my vinegar into a cute little plastic dish, as pictured above.

Lunch packed, I hoisted my backpack on my back and set off for the commuter bus stop across the street from my apartment.

Within just a few minutes, I was seated on the bus, my backpack on my lap.

And then, evidence presented itself that led me to believe my vinegar was leaking, because my left pant leg was wet.

Also, I was suddenly thinking about salad.

That’s because the odor of vinegar was wafting off my pant leg.

I got to work, cleaned out my back pack, washed my pant leg with Dawn dish detergent, cleaned off my lunch dishes, and still smelled like vinegar.

Folks–what could I do?

I ask you?

I completed my work day smelling like a salad before the addition of vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.

When I got home tonight, I emptied out my back pack and threw it in the wash. After completing my exercise class (on cable t.v.), I dunked myself in a beautiful bubble bath and I no longer smell like salad dressing.

Then I thoroughly cleaned an empty aspirin bottle, added some red wine vinegar, and packed the rest of my lunch for Tuesday.

Lesson for the day: Keep your sense of humor, Gran, and pack your red wine vinegar with care.

Happy Tuesday to all!

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  1. How fun was this post? Very! May I recommend a little balsalmic vinegar to sprinkle on your veggies ~ it's the best!
    (I think.)


  2. Oh, sorry to hear of the vinegar leakage. But it does make for a great post!
    I'd echo Helen's recommendation of using some balsamic vinegar on veggies/salad. It's really tasty.


  3. Helen, thanks a million. I have this on my shopping list!


  4. Aerie-el, thanks! sounds delicious!


  5. Lol. Was there some left on the veg at least?


  6. Oooh just read the other comments, be careful with the Balsamic, I think it's high in sugar. x


  7. DJ, good point about the balsamic. It is high in sugar. Rice vinegar is better.


  8. I couldn't help but laugh. You poor thing.


  9. I know, Rose, it WAS kind of funny (after the fact, of course).


  10. Oh that's funny! But how annoying to smell of vinegar all day long!


  11. It was an annoying smell, Lady B., to wear all Day!


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