Big carrots

Baby carrot photo credit.

I’m making lots of changes in my diet these days, due to necessity.

For about five years, I have been trying to eat baby carrots. I’ve always hated cleaning carrots, so when baby carrots came along, I finally achieved carrot nirvana.

All I had to do is open up the bag and start munching.

Truth is, I didn’t eat that many baby carrots.

At least for me, baby carrots have baby taste.

So now, I’ve vowed to only consume large carrots, well cleaned, with the skins still on.

Big carrots just taste better.

I need to watch my portions, of course, but that’s true of everything I eat.

I just never realized how many carrots got stuffed into a 5 pound bag.

That’s a lot of carrots.

Gotta go and clean some carrots.

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  1. I love carrots, cooked, raw, anyhow.. I'm surprised I've not turned orange!


  2. Your right big carrots taste better. I don't know about yours, but my baby carrots always turned slimy after a few days once I opened the bag.


  3. Good for you, Lady Banana! These are some great tasting carrots I just bought!


  4. You make a good point, Dakota Bear, once opened to baby carrots go bad quickly!


  5. I like the Baby carrots…am I the only one here?:)

    I put the baby carrots always in those “green bags” you can buy it in Wal-Mart…. since then they never go bad anymore.



  6. What's up, Doc?

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral


  7. Cloudia: Carrots, I guess!


  8. So you don't peel off the bitter outside layer? I am not a fan of peas or carrots once they've been cooked, but I love them raw.

    My nephew (Thad) would only eat the carrots that had the greenery still attached. He has since grown out of that.


  9. Debo, I don't mind that layer at all. I find if I soak the carrots in cold water, wash them really well, it takes some of that bitter taste away! I don't eat the green part, though 🙂


  10. Susanne49, I will try that sometime. Good tip!


  11. I like carrots, could eat tons of them but I'm guessing they are relativly high in sugar. Why don't you like peeling them?


  12. DJ, I thought it would be healthier, that's what I read anyway! Anyhoo, I will be peeling them from now on–carrots are too bitter with the skins on!


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