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Happy Halloween!

I’m going to be gone tomorrow,having some fun with my family.

Happy Halloween!

Thar she BLOWS!

I should have taken my camera with me this morning, because it was snowing leaves.

It was rain, actually, and wind, and leaves were flying everywhere.

I was warm and dry, wearing my fall/winter disaster coat.

It was kind of fun to be out this morning.

Well, gotta go.

The weather channel will be giving the pollen report in a few minutes, and I don’t want to miss it.

Yes, my life is one laugh riot after another (This is a joke, because I’m very glad to be living a quiet life right now; actually, it’s an answer to my prayers).

Anyhoo, I’m off to visit and comment on some blogs.


I’m thinking, I’m thinking

photo credit.

I’m considering a trip back east this coming summer, to my hometown of Rochester, New York.

I have a college reunion in June, and I just may go.

Or not.

For lots of reasons, this could be a difficult trip for me.

As I consider my options, I’m thinking of the good things I will do if I visit in the summer–visit friends (especially at my alma mater), go to The Little Theater again, drive through the wonderful countryside of upstate New York in early summer.

One thing I have learned, over the years, is to give myself time to work this out for myself, no pressure.

I’m just letting this possibility float around in my brain for a bit.

There’s lots of time to make my decision.

Thanks for reading, if you have gotten this far.

November? Already?

Okay, enough about family problems, illness, and sad stuff.

Can you believe it’s almost November?

My family started planning Thanksgiving dinner today!

What will you be doing for Thanksgiving?

I’ve got a chicken baking in the oven, and the warmth feels great. It’s sunny here today, but quite cool.

Gotta go and visit your blogs, and hopefully comment with wit and intelligence (but don’t count on it :).


Out and about today

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I’m celebrating a fasting blood sugar of 159 this morning; my doctor wants my blood sugars under 150, so I’m doing very well.

Yesterday, I was hankering for a Subway sub, so I gave in and ordered a 6 inch turkey sub. I ate half of the sandwich at lunch, and the other half for my snack two hours later! Best sub sandwich I’ve ever eaten.

Today I’m out and about, running some errands and going to a birthday party for my grandson J.

Have a great day!

Off to work

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For one whole day, then 2 days off.

My sore throat is history, and my blood sugars are creeping towards normal.

And my mood is a bit sunnier than yesterday.

Have a good Friday.

An irritable mood, and a personal policy statement

One of the side effects of having diabetes is, for me, an irritable mood every so often.

Something happened today, and I’m not going to give any details, but I’ve been in a snit all afternoon.

I’m getting over it now, but before my wits become dulled (once again) with syrupy kindness and non-confrontation, I feel the need to make a personal policy statement about my online contacts.

And this applies to my blog, my Twitter account, and my Facebook scribbling.

You are all a nice bunch of folks, and I treasure each and every comment you make, every email you send, all your good wishes, etc.

But you don’t have to agree with me, not ever.

And if you decide not to follow me, that’s your right as well. Sooner or later, when my befuddled brain wakes up and I realize that you are not replying to my comments, or stopping by to visit, I’ll get it and leave you alone for as long as I am online, on this freaking earth.


I’ll get over it.

Promise you I will.

I will live on, to love and swear and pick my teeth after dinner.

So–to the person I annoyed today, here’s a personal message: Bye-bye, good luck, have an amazing life filled with love and joy. It’s been real. Ignore me and I will ignore you, but with no malice.



I’m staying home today, expect to be back at work tomorrow.

As some of you may recall, I have been wanting to buy a cookbook for some time.

I finally chose the diabetic chef cookbook, because it just seemed like the best thing to do right now.

The sun is shining in Seattle right now, but the rain is expected back tonight.

I’m going to get out and take a walk later.

I hope you all have a great day!

Sick day and swine flu Seattle update

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At my work, these days, you can’t come in to work if you have a sore throat.

And I have a sore throat, am getting the cold that Seattle is spreading around, and have some other (kind of icky) symptoms that may be related to my diabetes medication.

But swine flu has hit Seattle, including my workplace. We have a few people out with confirmed cases of the flu.

And I just learned that a family member, three years old, has been exposed to the swine flu.

So I’m home today, drinking tea with lemon and staying hydrated.

I hope you are all well.

pack your red wine vinegar carefully

This is my 60th year on this great earth, and I tell you it pays to cultivate a sense of humor.

I spent my entire work day smelling like red wine vinegar.

My office still smells of red wine vinegar.

My backpack, freshly washed in the washing machine,no longer smells like red wine vinegar.


In my latest life quest, i.e., to lower my blood sugar and become a middle-aged testament to good health, I have been scouring the internet for ways to spice up my meals and create variety.

I’m eating three meals and three snacks, every day, and I’m still learning what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

I’m consuming 2 cups of raw veggies every day, and this weekend I found out that sprinkling my veggies with a little vinegar gives a little taste boost to my healthy snacks.

So this morning, I decided to pack two teaspoons on red wine vinegar with my lunch.

It was 7:30 a.m., my 1.5 cups of java had not yet kicked in, so I carefully measured my vinegar into a cute little plastic dish, as pictured above.

Lunch packed, I hoisted my backpack on my back and set off for the commuter bus stop across the street from my apartment.

Within just a few minutes, I was seated on the bus, my backpack on my lap.

And then, evidence presented itself that led me to believe my vinegar was leaking, because my left pant leg was wet.

Also, I was suddenly thinking about salad.

That’s because the odor of vinegar was wafting off my pant leg.

I got to work, cleaned out my back pack, washed my pant leg with Dawn dish detergent, cleaned off my lunch dishes, and still smelled like vinegar.

Folks–what could I do?

I ask you?

I completed my work day smelling like a salad before the addition of vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.

When I got home tonight, I emptied out my back pack and threw it in the wash. After completing my exercise class (on cable t.v.), I dunked myself in a beautiful bubble bath and I no longer smell like salad dressing.

Then I thoroughly cleaned an empty aspirin bottle, added some red wine vinegar, and packed the rest of my lunch for Tuesday.

Lesson for the day: Keep your sense of humor, Gran, and pack your red wine vinegar with care.

Happy Tuesday to all!

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