bill collectors looking for someone else…

I posted the other day about a company calling my land line home phone number and asking for someone I do not know.

I think I have resolved this issue, and here’s what I did:

–I Googled the phone number that was calling me, and found that lots of other people were having the same problem.

–As I clicked on links, I found the name, address, and telephone number of the company.

–This morning, I called the company (located in Maryland), and requested that my telephone number not be called again, and the reason why.

–The company spokesperson was most pleasant, apologized for calling me, and told me the “do not call” will go into effect in 24 hours. This person also gave me a file number, which I will keep in my records.

–Over the weekend, I filed a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry, because callers from this company were not honoring my word that the person they were looking for was not at my telephone number.

*This is an important point, folks: You need to find the company calling you and contact them directly.

I also checked the Better Business Bureau website, and the company that has been calling me has an “F” rating. Should the calls from this company continue, I will file a complaint with the BBB, and include the file number and the name of the person I spoke with this morning.

I hope this helps, and I will keep you all informed.

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  1. This has been an on-going problem for us, since moving here 6 years ago. We ended up filing a complaint with the attorney general's office and BBB against one company. Now I google unknown phone numbers, if it's a collection agency, I answer and since they are never looking for US, I tell them to take our number off their calling list for whomever they are trying to reach. That usually works. TGFI(internet)!


  2. I tried that, Aerie-el, with no luck. They just kept calling and calling.


  3. We also get lots of silly calls that are annoying, so now I am quite rude and just hang up on them. Had never thought of googling the number, might just give it a go next time.


  4. Glennis, I've done a lot of hanging up also. I'm just tired of it all.


  5. Thanks for the follow up gran I will give this a try and see if this will help me on basically the same problem you have.


  6. This is just too funny! We had to file bankruptcy last year, and got dozens of calls from Mann-Bracken leading up to it. We assumed it was because of some bills we couldn't pay, but weren't answering our phone at the time. Then kept getting calls for some other name, not ours, and even when I waited til the end of the call (if you are not the person mentioned, hang up now and don't listen to this personal message!), and called a number (if they left it), there would never be an answer. We're still getting the calls now (we never answer our land line, just screen thru the answer machine as we don't have caller ID) for that other name, so when I found this post I was just shocked! It would never have occurred to me to call the BBB, or that this was some kind of scam. Is there a point to their calls other than trying to collect a possible debt?


  7. Wander, thanks for stopping by. There are some disreputable firms that try to get you to pay money you do not owe, in other words money that OTHER people owe. Mann bracken appears to be one of these firms. I didn't answer my phone for months either, then I just got tired of having my telephone turned off. I didn't have a phone with a caller ID feature, but I have one now.

    I got a lot of those canned calls also, but every so often a live person would call, and I would tell this person they have the wrong number–and the calls didn't stop.

    Since calling the company and asking to be taken off their call list, I have received no calls.

    Good luck.


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