to do, to do….

Generally, you can expect less blogging from me until after my move in August.

Because there’s a lot to do.

The movers are all set to come at (9:00 a.m. on the first day of August (my birthday).

I don’t have that much to pack, and I’m starting that lovely chore this weekend.

I’ve sent in a change of address with the postal service.

But what chaps my buttocks the most is the long list of agencies and business that require me to change my address.

There’s the bank, the few people I pay money to twice a month, my alma mater…..

The list grows every day.

So bear with me until August 3 or so, after I’m in my new digs.

Once I’m in my new place, I’ll share pictures with you.

And now, if you will excuse me, I need to go visit some blogs.

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  1. Well moving is the pitts we all know, but when we get all settled then we have some fun!! AT LEAST you don't have to change your e mail address! 🙂


  2. can't wait to see the new pics of the place and the grounds, moving is hectic but once you get settled in it will be coming up roses,cheers friend.


  3. Enjoy your move. It is good to start early:)


  4. Just think of all the stuff you get to revisit, resort and recycle before you move.


  5. All the hassle will be worth it once you get settled.


  6. Good luck with your moving, it can be rather stressful but I hope it all goes smoothly for you!

    Changing address can be a hassle but changing a name is even worse – I did that a few years ago!


  7. Thank you, my friends. I'm kind of out of it this week, I guess.


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