Hanging out in my new hood

The building you see in these photos is the Seattle Public Library branch in my new neighborhood (yeah, I’m a geek).

I picked out my apartment today, a studio with a balcony that faces a huge mall.

Great view, I know, but it’s really nice.

Since I’m happily without a car these days, one of the reasons I picked this apartment building is because it’s close to everything I need (including a two story Barnes & Noble bookstore).

I’ve hired a small moving company to transport my stuff, my cable/internet/telephone service will be set up soon after I move in, and I’ve put in a change of address with the postal service.

Other changes of address, like my driver’s license and counselor registration, can’t be changed until I’m closer to my moving date.

Next week, I’m going to get some boxes and start packing.

I’m also going to start getting some of my stuff out of storage, because I’m going to have more room in my new place.


It’s a beautiful day in Seattle, sunny and cool.

I’m just hanging out tonight, watching television and reading 2666 during commercials.

I’ve been watching CNN off and on all day, and it’s horrifying.

Many Iranian citizens, men and women, many very young, are taking to the streets to protest.

Many people are being killed.

It takes a lot of guts to protest, to be willing to die, and as I have used my day off to plan a move to a really nice apartment, I feel kind of guilty, I guess.

Mostly, I feel lucky.

Would I put my life on the line to protest and election, to put my family in peril in order to protest?

My prayers continue to be with these brave souls in Iran willing to die to effect change in their country.

By the way, twitter is on fire right now with Tweets about Iran. 62 updates in 10 seconds.

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  1. Hope your move goes smoothly. You are wise to move close to a bookstore and a library.


  2. It's exciting, lakeviewer!


  3. Third attempt. grrrrr anyway.. nice building and pics.. glad you will be so centrally located. Leave it to you to be close to the Barnes & Noble. LOL
    HAVE FUN MOVING.. good idea to have movers do it all at once! IT's nice to have more room!! : )


  4. Thanks for trying so hard to comment. And I'm sorry you had to work so hard at it 🙂


  5. Great to hear you are taking care of everything the movers make it much easier, just have to pack and let them do the rest. Location,location,location.


  6. Sounds like you are in a great location – next door to a book store and so near the library – forget the mall! Its exciting getting things out of storage too – who knows what you will find again.

    Sad about Iran – sadder still they knew what would happen but took the risks for something they believe in.


  7. Well, Lily, let's hope I don't spend too much money at the mall! I'm not a shopaholic or anything, but will need some new stuff for my apartment. I can get what I need close by 🙂 I've had stuff in storage a long time–you are right that I can't remember a lot of what is there!


  8. Floyd, I too excited about the movers! I will have everything ready to go!


  9. You have found a great place! It looks and sounds convenient. I want to see the view from your balcony. 🙂


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