A few days ago, I read a BlogHer Post by Maria Niles on positive affirmations.

Now I recite positive affirmations every day, but Ms. Niles suggests, in her post, that her readers strive to write affirmations daily. Take one affirmation and write it down 15 times in one day.

And keep it up.

So I thought up my first affirmation, which of course had to do with obtaining a shiny, affordable, new apartment.

I got out the pretty notebook I bought a few months ago (and have never used), and started writing my affirmation 15 times a day.

After three days, something weird happened.

I had been thinking about this apartment since my visit in April, and knew that this was the place I wanted to live starting August 1.

“I’m going to live there,” I told myself out loud.

And then this little voice inside my head told me what to do next.

Three days later, I was offered the apartment.

Is this magic?

I don’t think so.

I believe that writing one affirmation down 15 times a day helped me focus, just like Ms. Niles wrote about in her post.

This was a simple test, and now I’m going to try something a bit harder, another personal goal I have for myself. Maybe I will tell you all about it someday.

Or maybe not.

I like having a secret.

Tomorrow, I’m off early to the new apartment complex, so I can pick out my apartment and pay my deposit.

Then I’m going to buy a new shower curtain and liner for my new apartment.

I have this itch to buy something new.

For my next post, I’m going to write about the feelings stirring up inside me as I contemplate this move to a new apartment.

Because I’m shedding some tears these days, about leaving my current apartment.

In a way, I feel just like I did at the age of nineteen when I left the comfort of the home my parents provided for me, and struck out on my home.

But that’s another story.

And it’s a good one.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I've also got an itch to shop….well come on! It's been MONTHS!! 🙂
    Nice post Gran…love it…


  2. Geez that is really interesting. I might start trying some PA's in relatioin to long lasting robust health or something as I am always worrying about dying young.


  3. (WOW this comment thing works much better than the other one for me! YAY!) I have been so under the gun to get so many projects done I think I have to make one of those lists things. I don't ever seem to have enough time! CONGRATS on your new place… Pics please when you get all settled! LOL you know me gotta see!! : D I do know what you mean about getting attached to your place. I cried for days when I left my house in CA. It was tramatic!
    I lost you on twitter awhile back. As I recall it I got a ton of tweets about books or something like that and NOTHING after it. WIll be checking it out more.
    Need the addy too! Take care : )


  4. Caroldee, I'm kind of getting tired of the Twit This button and won't be using it as much. Sorry about that. Thanks for following me again.


  5. Thanks, Braja. I'm not going to buy too much today. I can get kind of carried away 🙂


  6. DJ Kirby, I think using affirmations for good health is a great idea.


  7. I like this post Gran and am going to try it too. I have so many journals so its time to put them to good use. I will let you know how I go. Yes I hope you did your shopping too as its nice to get a little something new for a new place. New memories to be made.


  8. Thanks, Lilly! I did not get a shower curtain, because I didn't really like what was available at Target yesterday. The search continues….:)


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