the apple don’t fall far from the tree

My son Jay is brilliant.

He reads calculus books for fun, is teaching his children French, and earns 2.5 times more money than his dear old mama.

Jay is devoted to his family, and works very hard as a computer programmer.

With four children under the age of 12, a wife named Kim, and a Jack Russel terrier named Sophie, Jay works at home and leads a busy life.

But sometimes he forgets things.

I’m not a genius, like my boy, something I’m very proud of.

But sometimes I forget things.

I’ve been thinking, in the past week or so, that there’s a birthday coming up in our family.


Nobody’s said anything about a party.

A few days ago, I sent an email to a family friend (she’s mostly a friend of Jay and Kim’s), asking her to be a personal reference on my housing applications.

When she emailed me back promising to be a reference, she asked me, “will I see you at Kim and Jay’s bbq Sunday?

“What bbq?” I asked myself?

I shrugged, figuring it was a get together with friends, as Kim and Jay have friends in from Oklahoma City this week.

I answered back that no, I won’t be there.

I wasn’t hurt, well maybe a little, but they have their own lives.


About one hour ago, Jay called me on my cell phone and instead of saying ‘hello,’ announced “I’m a total idiot.”

“Not you aren’t,” I answered back.

“Yes, I am. Tonight, we are having a bbq for Kim’s birthday. We”ll be over to get you about 5:30.”


I forgot Kim’s birthday.

And my son forgot to invite me to the party.

The apple don’t fall far from the tree.

See you later, folks.

I’m off to a birthday party real soon.

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  1. Have fun gran…and forget all about the miscommunication.

    What miscommunication?



  2. you are 100% correct, Rene. Thanks!


  3. LOL, sounds like something that would happen in my family. Have a great time, Gran.


  4. Hope you had fun.

    Today is my birthday and all five of my children took me out for brunch. The two East coast girls were here with me in Texas for a graduation yesterday and the other three kids live here in Texas.


  5. I had a blast, Dakota Bear! And Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a wonderful vacation.


  6. It was a wonderful time, Tammy. Thanks!


  7. right, Braja 🙂 We had some good laughs tonight. My son kept saying to me, “I'm glad you finally decided to come.”


  8. I know you enjoyed the bbq mmm,,mmm,good.


  9. Floyd, we had grilled freshwater salmon, corn on the cob, new potatoes, mango salsa (made by my brilliant son) and red velvet cake (baked to perfection by my granddaughter Neve). Yum indeed. Thanks for the comment.


  10. Glad you had a wonderful time. bet everyone had their special moments at this get -together.


  11. They sure did, Keats. Thanks!


  12. My invitation must have been lost in the mail! It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all, and miscommunications are common within families, who somehow believe everyone in the genetic circle automatically knows what's going on, and when. My love to you all!


  13. Kick those heels up girl and enjoy the party. Well I'm sure you did sense I am late in commenting and the party was 2 days ago. LOL:)


  14. Debo, we had a wonderful time. And you are never late, in my book 🙂


  15. Mamacita, much love to you and yours also!


  16. I forget birthdays of my close friends and relatives sometimes. But we have mutual understanding and don't put it in our hearts.

    You have a wonderful son and I hope my son will grow up to be as wonderful as Jay.


  17. Thanks, ECL. I'm prejudiced, of course, because Jay is my son, but from what you write about Jaymes, I think he already is as wonderful as Jay 🙂


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