The heat

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At work today, we were discussing how the phenomenon of a heat wave (90 degrees)in Seattle changes the tempo of the city.

There’s an increase in tension, an Seattle citizens become angry and, at times, just plain mean.

I call it the “screaming skull” syndrome, as those of us used to basking in 70 degree temperatures become whining, snotty little whiny babies.

So THIS snotty little whiny baby is getting off the internet tonight, to sit in front of my fan and daydream of the cooler temperatures that the weather guru’s promise us for tomorrow.

I know, with all of the war, poverty, hatred and indifference in the world, me being hot and cranky doesn’t add up to a hill of beans.

But hey, I gotta be me.

Ciao, babies.

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  1. Cool down and get comfortable, Gran. Even with everything that is wrong with this world the things that affect each of most is what is important to us. So your being hot, miserable and cranky does add up to a hill of beans.


  2. Hope you get relaxed and cool by the fan, probably see some of that hot weather soon but right now it is cooled off over here tonight it is 59 degrees.


  3. Thanks a lot, Tammy! It's much cooler this morning.


  4. Floyd, it was 84 degrees when I went to bed, but a huge wind blew in and it started cooling off right away. It's a pleasant 58 degrees this morning, expected to reach the mid-70's tday.



  5. I guess my 100+ days aren't attractive to you? 🙂


  6. No way, girlfriend 🙂


  7. Oh I feel quite comfortable over this way n the winter weather then. You have ahd extremes in weather it seems. Glad its cooled down though now! Love the screaming skull, jeez I look like that often actually. Well except for all the padding….


  8. Lilly, I just love that you are having winter as we approach summer. We've had lots of wacky weather this year.


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