Thinking of you today, Mom

The photo above, taken of me with my Mom and Dad, was taken in 1995, before I left for grad school in St. Louis.

I won’t be blogging any more today.

Here’s what I’m feeling today, Mom:

Three years ago today, you slipped away from us and joined Dad.

You may not have given birth to me, but you were my Mom in every sense of the word.

I miss you and Dad, every day, and I’m sure I see you both, from time to time, as I go about my day. I swear, sometimes I hear your laughter and I look for you, sure you are right behind me, or next to me.

You are there, I know, somewhere between this world and the other.

My memories are strong and clear, all the good days (and bad ones too), that add up to the life we shared as a family–you, Dad, me, and Roger.

It hurts a little less every year, more like an ache, because I’m comforted by those memories. But there’s still an empty spot in my heart.

I love you Mom, and miss you every day.

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  1. Those feelings will never leave you.


  2. What a wonderful tribute.
    Your Mom is honored by her daughter!

    And thank you VERY much for reviewing my little book. Aloha


  3. Oh Gran, I know…it’s still hard for me


  4. That was such a heart felt tribute gran,my dad passed on the 28th of this month that is today in 1978. My mom is not doing good right now but I am hoping she does better and that is all I can do but they will always live on in my heart and no matter how many years pass, sometimes it seems so fresh again. Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. Our memories keep our loved ones close to us.


  6. That is a precious message to your mom. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  7. Big sigh. I know the feeling. xxoo

    When you need a cheer– I left a surprise for you on my blog post today. Hope it makes you smile.


  8. Thanks, everyone, for your wonderful comments and good wishes. Blessings to you all!


  9. My Mom is getting weaker each month, I’m trying to spend more time with her. I don’t want regrets later. 😦


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