Anniversary: the move to Seattle

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It was Memorial Day weekend, nine years ago.

Mom and I were packing up everything we owned, getting ready for the move to Seattle.

Packing, cleaning, eating a lot of takeout food because the fridge was already empty.

We were getting ready to leave the day after Memorial Day.

I had our AAA Trip Tik ready, witgh our route mapped out, and reservations in Holiday Inn’s throughout the country.

We would be in the truck all day, with a stop for lunch, and a cooler with drinks and light snacks to keep us going throughout the day.

At night, after our packing and cleaning was all done, my mom and I would sit in the living room of our box filled apartment and just look at each other.

Holy shit, we kept saying to each other.

We are moving across the country.

Like in a few days.

Every so often, I would look at my mom and ask, “sure you can do this?”

“WILL YOU STOP ASKING THAT QUESTION?” My mom would answer every time.

Mom’s health had never really recovered after taking care of my father, at home, in the years before he went into a nursing home.

And Mom refused to take an airplane from Rochester, New York to Seattle.

“I’ve never been in an airplane, and I’ll never get on an airplane,” Mom declared.

So a U-Haul it was, and a 3,000 mile drive to another coast, a new life, to be close to my son (aka Mom’s grandson), and his family.

“This will be the trip of a lifetime for me,” my mother declared.


Nightly, I prayed to God that I could drive safely, across country, with my aging mother riding shotgun.

The trip of a lifetime.

I certainly hope so.

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  1. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime,we look back on things like this and we are glad we did them,spending time with one’s Mother,,Priceless.
    I hope you are enjoying this weekend gran and hope the weather is good,it is nice so far over here but rain could be rolling in soon, cheers.


  2. It was a great time, Floyd! The weather is just a bit cool, sunny and a little windy. My favorite kind of weather. I was out and about yesterday, just sticking around home today and relaxing. Tomorrow night, I’m off to spend some time with my grandchildren, so my son and d-i-l can get out for a few hours.

    I hope your weekend is going well, Floyd, hope your rain holds off for a bit.


  3. Now we are interested in this trip. Tell more.


  4. sounds like a real adventure. I can’t imagine driving a U-Haul cross town let alone cross country.
    More please


  5. Thanks, lakeviewer. More on the way.


  6. Joanna, thanks a lot for the visit and the comment. More tomorrow!


  7. How nice of you to share this memory with us. I, too, would like to hear more.


  8. I hope the trip ended up becoming a nice memory.


  9. Gran…I bet you made a memory!
    I cannot help but smile when I read the line about your mom…and the plane!


  10. Yeah, Muse, mom was very clear about her wishes.


  11. Georganna, thanks for the good wishes.


  12. Thanks, Tammy. I will do my best 🙂


  13. Your Mom has never taken a flight? 3000 miles, that’s a long journey for an elderly lady. It’s certainly a trip of her lifetime.


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