A great day off!

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Gosh, what a great day!

Things went well with the doctor–I’ve lost 5 more pounds. My blood pressure is better, but I still got an increase in my medication dose. I was expecting this.

The best part of my day was Star Trek.

I’ve never considered myself a “trekkie,” but I’ve always liked the original t.v. series, and the movies with the original cast.

But this movie is special.

It rocks.

Great characters, evil villains, lots of humor, and wonderful special effects.

The best part about this movie is that it focuses on the lifelong friendship of the crew members.

Oh yeah, the Margarita rocked also!

Happy weekend!

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  1. Gran I’m so happy for your good health and good day!

    It’s nice to have them both!

    Have a great weekend

    Peace – Rene


  2. I had to back up and catch up, about margaritas, limes, and everything else. It’s good to see you in good humor. How did you lose those extra kilos?


  3. You too, Rene. Take care.


  4. lakeviewer: I’m losing the extra weight slowly. Trying to eat less and exercise a bit more. I want to emphasize it’s a slow weight loss. Sometimes agonizingly slow.


  5. This is the one I wanted to see, I am glad you enjoyed it and I am going to have to take the time to see this one to because if you say it rocks, it rocks.


  6. Glad to hear it, Gran….and I hope you had a margerita for me!


  7. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Floyd. This is a great movie!


  8. Braja, I can only handle one drink, I’m afraid! I’m on high blood pressure meds, and more would not be good for me. I did, however, toast you before I took the first sip (maybe that’s why people looked at me strangely, ’cause I was talking to no one 🙂


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