Let’s talk about limes

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I’m on a lime kick these days.

Lime soda.

Lime jello.

Fresh limes.

I just love the taste of lime.

Yeah, I’m weird.

Do I get any extra points for admitting this current taste kick?


One more day of work this week, then I get 4 days off.

Cool, ha!

I’m on my way to visit, and comment on, some of your blogs.

I gotta work fast, because the American Idol finale starts in 65 minutes.

BTW, I’m an Adam Lambert fan.


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  1. Lime drinks are so cool in the summer,hope you have a great long weekend coming up.


  2. I love Lime too Gran – very refreshing;)!


  3. A nice tall glass of cool lime drink for me too! Yay! I grow it in my garden πŸ™‚

    Adam Lambert fan too!


  4. Hey gran thanks for the e-mail, I got it fixed I had to add some code to the template. I could have used the pop-up or full page but I am kins of hooked now on the embed comments below post so I added some code to make it work.


  5. Well, when it’s finished, c’mon over πŸ™‚

    and i LOVE LIMES :))


  6. Girl! My sister and I were working in the garden and weeded out some stray mint. We looked at each other an rushed to super market to get some limes. We crushed a couple slices of lime and six or seven leave of mint in a glass, added about 1/4 cup of simple syrup (1/2 water & half sugar) with some rum and ice and enjoyed ourselves some Mojitos fresh from the garden!!!

    Limes are truly a good thing! πŸ™‚


  7. Debo, sounds refreshing and delicious! Thanks!


  8. On my way over (at least to your blog, Braja).


  9. Floyd, thanks for getting it to work!


  10. Keats, another lime lover. Cool! I think that Adam will go on to great things!


  11. Thanks, Jade! Lime is so refreshing!


  12. I’m a lime fan too– It’s good on chicken– who knew?!?
    Too bad about Adam. I thought for sure he’d win but he’ll be a huge star!


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