About the weather, another anniversary, and the work week

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To quote Ricky Ricardo, It’s just so ridiculous.

Ricky was probably referring to his wife Lucy.

I’m talking about the Seattle weather, which started out warm and sunny this morning.

It’s cold and raining right now.

Oh well, it’s Seattle right?

I’m celebrating my 9th year as a Seattle resident on June 8.

It will be a bittersweet anniversary, because my mom moved to Seattle with me.

I’ve been reading Cloudia’s move to Hawaii, and thinking about traveling 3,000 miles across country, driving a U-Haul with a scrappy old lady sitting to my right.

We got to Seattle on June 8, 2000, and my mom died on May 27 2006.

In those six years, my mom got to know her four great-grandchildren really well.

The first few years in Seattle were really rough, and we both wanted to head back to upstate New York, where we were both born.

But as the years went by, my mom got sicker, and we were both glad to be around family.

Anyway, I’ll be writing more soon, about how I learned to stop thinking about my home back east and learned to enjoy my new home here in the Pacific Northwest.

And it’s a short week at work–only three days to go, then four days off!

So I need to take off for now, visit some blogs, and comment a wee bit.


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  1. Going to a new home is hard, but worth it, eh Gal Pal!?


  2. I lived in Auburn, WA for a few months one summer, and I have to agree that the weather sucks, it seemed to rain alot. But I have to say that Maine weather isn’t much better in the summer, it is either hot and very humid or raining.

    Moving across the country and leaving your home behind is very hard. In 2005 I packed what I could fit in a backpack, and caught the bus to move from Montana to Maine. My family is all out west and I miss them terribly but my life is here and I don’t regret the move.


  3. The Northwest weather makes us appreciate the sun wheverer we see it.


  4. Moving is so difficult, its true. But its an adventure as well. Your Mother was lucky you were together and I am sure you appreciated her company too. The older I get the more important it is for me to be around family especially as your parents age and then of course its our turn. I think my daughter is already practising olympic sprinting so she can run like hell when I come after her, lol!

    I hope your weather improves SOON. And I loved Dezi and Lucille.


  5. You bet, Cloudia!


  6. Tammy, I usually don’t mind the rain here, and love the cooler summers. I’m originally from upstate NY–lots of humid summers.

    But this year it’s been really cold, an we got more snow than normal. Thanks for the comment, Tammy.


  7. Lilly, so true. I’ve got my family close by, except for my brother (he lives in Florida). I miss my bro.


  8. You got that right, lakeviewer. Especially this year (:


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