I’m whining tonight

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It was a great weekend.

I spent Saturday night with the kiddo’s, then slept in late (9:38 is a sleep-in for me), then spent Sunday with my family.

My son made us bacon, french toast, and fresh strawberries for brunch.

The french toast was topped with fresh whipped cream.

We all watched ET together, and cried at the end (what else can you do?).

I got home early last night, asleep by ten, but I was still a bit tired this morning.

It was a very busy day at work, and then the commute home on the bus was like traveling through hell, with the devil licking at my heels all the way.

So I’m whining tonight, tired and cranky.

Have a good night, my friends, and I will be back tomorrow.

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  1. E.T,,one of all time favorites right here,lunch sounds delicious,,hope you get rested and return to your chipper self by tomorrow. Have a good sleep tonight,cheers.


  2. Aloha Gran;
    sleep tight!


  3. I cried when watching ET too.

    The grandies are making you tired with their high energy. hehe….


  4. ECL, the grandies have lots of energy, that’s true! I love ET.


  5. Floyd, thanks. I had a good sleep and am now waking up with a delicious cup of coffee. Take care.


  6. Thanks, Cloudia. I had a great sleep!


  7. You whine..I’ll listen!


  8. Muse: you’re a great bud 🙂


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