bus drama

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I had a busy, stressful day at work, and decided not to follow the May Day Immigration March.

So I hopped on a downtown Seattle bus to get to the public library quickly, and we got about six blocks when the bus was halted by the march.

Well, two men got very angry.

One guy kept throwing his backpack, swearing, etc.

The other guy just kept muttering to himself.

Finally the bus driver left them both off.

A few minutes later, our bus was moving again.

We waited about fifteen minutes.

So I got to the library, then headed for my bus home.


Downtown Seattle was jammed with traffic, thanks to a Mariners Baseball game.

So I hoofed it down to the Seattle waterfront and got dinner at Red Robin.

I got home about 7:30.

I’m sorry that I have no pictures.

But I’m glad tomorrow morning is Saturday.

I’m going to try to sleep in tomorrow morning–it’s going to be much cooler and raining.

I need to get my hair cut tomorrow, and run a few errands, then come home to catch up on my blog reading.


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  1. More.please. We love pictures and stories of towns; it’s better than being there, sometimes. The blogger moves around as a native, not a tourist, finding nooks and precious things we’d miss.


  2. Thanks, lakeviewer! More to come.


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