I am Vitamin C

You Are Vitamin C

You are responsible and good at taking care of yourself. Your health comes first.

As far as you’re concerned, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It’s likely you eat well, exercise frequently, and avoid stress.

And because of this, you’re quite healthy and free from illness.

Here’s a big thanks to Glennis for this blogthing quiz.

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  1. Apparently I’m a B vitamin and am lively and energetic, I also bounce back quickly.

    I shall have to remember that when I’m feeling sorry for myself at work tomorrow morning.


  2. I am Vitamin D –

    You’re a naturally strong person. You’ve always had a lot of endurance.
    You can survive what would make most people crumble. You have both mental and physical strength.

    You don’t do a lot to stay healthy – you just live a pretty natural lifestyle.
    You stay away from processed junk, sleep like a baby, and get plenty of sunshine!

    Sounds good to me and not too off the mark!


  3. Debs, I know how you feel 🙂


  4. Hey Lady Banana, thanks for taking the quiz.


  5. Hi Gran, I am pleased to know your a vitamin C and nice and healthy. I quite like these fun quizzes.


  6. I do too, Glennis!


  7. I’m joining you, I’m a Vitamin C also.


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