Weekend plans

I’m headed out later this morning to look at an apartment.

I’m moving this summer, but these are new apartments, just built, and I want to see what’s available.

Because of the poor economy, there are lots of empty apartments in this city, and I’m going to find the best one for me.

My camera is coming with me today, because it’s going to be a beautiful day!

62 degrees!


I’m off to read, and comment on, some blogs before I get outside.

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  1. Wish I was comin’ with ya, Gran :))


  2. I wish you were coming with me too, Braja. I’m excited about getting a new apartment! Take care.


  3. Enjoy it, Gran. We went to an art festival in the heart of Atlanta today. Temperature 74.


  4. Grandpa, that’s a nice temperature. We are in the 60s here with sunshine!


  5. Happy apartment hunting.

    The temperature was in the 70s and sunny. I took my camera to take more pictures of the Town green and I went to a new state park. I’ll post them later.


  6. Thanks, Dakota Bear. I look forward to seeing your photos.


  7. Beautiful day gran it is 74 down here..


  8. A new apartment! That would be great! I hope it doesn’t cost too much.


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