Beverly Hills Chihuahua: Official Site

Beverly Hills Chihuahua: Official Site

Here’s my second attempt to blog about this cute little movie.


I watched this movie Friday night with Veda and Luka (2 of my grandchildren). Mom and Dad went out for the night, and my two older grandchildren had sleepovers with friends.

This is not a movie I would watch on my own, mind you, but it’s different when the grandchildren are watching with me 🙂

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  1. Happy Easter!Nice picture of the first dandelions of the season. My children use to pick a bouquet of them. Mostly heads only, so I had to float them in water.


  2. Dakota Bear, Happy Easter to you as well! I used to pick dandelion heads for my mother too!


  3. I have heard of the movie but not seen it yet, I bet it was fun with grans watching it. Hope you had a great Easter Sunday, nice spring header you have on the blog now looks good gran.


  4. Thanks, Floyd. It’s been a great weekend. Hope yours was good also.


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