Warm Seattle day

I took these pictures along the Seattle waterfront today, just before my meeting at another Seattle nonprofit.

These were taken with my cell phone, because I left my camera home.

It was 70 degrees in Seattle today, and it’s supposed to be ~68 tomorrow.

I got home late tonight, and I’m tired and mucho cranky.

I’ve had problems commenting on this blog, and even posting a message on Twitter.

So I’m signing off for tonight.


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  1. Happy Spring, GRAN


  2. wow, you got Spring now and I have winter,,it is 12:40 a.m here and I am looking at snow, not much but it’s there, hope you get twitter and blogger straigtened out.


  3. Are those eateries on the wharf?


  4. Thanks, Cloudia! It’s nice and warm here today also.


  5. Floyd, I just wasn’t in the mood to keep trying. I watched a reallt good program about the early life of Jesus, on the Discover Channel. stay warm!


  6. Debo, not where I took the photos, no. But there bars, restaurants, and hotels all along the wharf, which stretches for at least 2-3 miles.


  7. Beautiful spring, spring Chunshui. I hope you can relax, happy every day. 🙂< HREF="http://fymtyh.blogspot.com" REL="nofollow">Health information<>< HREF="http://eyesinkaleidoscope.blogspot.com" REL="nofollow">Humor & Fun World<>


  8. That was a nice warm day! We’ve not hit that temperature quite yet, and this Easter weekend it’s cooler and duller than it has been which is a shame..


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