Father kills 5 children before taking own life | KOMO News – Seattle, Washington | News

Father kills 5 children before taking own life | KOMO News – Seattle, Washington | News

I’ve tried to keep my blog content positive and upbeat, but I feel I must comment on this tragedy in Washington State. This happened about 40 miles south of Seattle.

5 children are dead, killed by their father, and I cannot imagine what the mother is going through right now.

Neighbors of this family are also going through a lot right now, and I have heard on the local news that the firemen and police responding to this situation are having a tough time.

All I can think to do is pray for everyone, for peaceful resolutions to disputes, for people to cling to their loved ones during these difficult times.

That’s all I can say right now.

The words just won’t come.

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  1. Will remember them in prayer, hearing this type of news is always hard, we always wonder why or how this could have happened. There are a lot of sick and depraved individuals out there, people of no regard for themselves even their children. Really gran people are becoming more wicked, dangerous to even walk the streets now and if someone had no regard of their own children lives others would not be anything to them, this was a selfish person who not only got tried of living destroyed his own children also who never got a chance to live.


  2. Thanks for the comments, Floyd. After I posted this, I saw the mother on television, weeping in the arms of a police officer. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.


  3. OMG!!! I just posted a video from KOMO this morning about doing the happy dance.This is such a horrible time for everyone and we need to look in on each other before the stress get so unbearable. My prayers are with the family and the souls of the children and their father.


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