SUNday chores

Sunday is my chore day.

Every Sunday, unless I have something planned with my family, is the day I do my laundry, clean my living space, and prepare mentally for the work week that’s ahead of me.

Today I’m also dog sitting, at least for part of the day, because my landlady and her family are off enjoying this wonderfully sunny Seattle day.

I’ve been enjoying this day also, taking comfort in the routine tasks that keep me, and my living space, clean and organized.

Today I’ve also gone outside a number of times to enjoy the sunshine, while I take my pal Scamper out to do his “business.”

The photos above were taken today, of the area around the house I live in.

The air is crisp and cool, but there are signs that warmer days are ahead of us–I saw two dandelions today!

I’m starting to wind down, after being busy all day. and taking a few moments to thank God for this day of life that has been given me.

And I wish you all a wonderful day today, and tomorrow.

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  2. Doesn’t it feel so good to have your house cleaned and all your laundry done? I ask, because I wouldn’t know!!! lol


  3. Thanks, Skywind!


  4. Melissa, I don’t have a very big place right now 🙂


  5. I like the photo in your header. Spring is here, could almost smell the scent of flowers.


  6. Did laundry today to gran, nice photo’s of around the neighborhood. Hope you had a great day and a better tomorrow.


  7. HI did laundry too.. I think a lot of people do that on Sunday. WOWthe pics look great. WE saw snow on the ground today not dandelions.. I think it will be long time before we see those. TWITTER away I sure miss ya and will look you up!! : )Please have a great week!! : )


  8. Definitely my Sundays as well. Have a great week as well 🙂


  9. I like to do chores, sad but true. It does set you up well for the week ahead otherwise it tends to create chaos.


  10. I see chores as home hugs 🙂


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