Saturday stuff

I only took one picture while I was out today.

The trees in our neighborhood are starting to bud; see above.

It was just raining too hard today to take more pictures–I just wanted to get my chores done and get home.

I took the bus to downtown Seattle and stopped off at Office Depot for some blank CD’s, then the bookstore for the latest NY Times Review of Books, then to the grocery store.

When I got home, I finally did a full backup of my laptop.

Tonight I’m going to watch Book Lust with Nancy Pearl.

Ms. Pearl, a retired librarian and author, is interviewing Stephen Carter, one of my favorite authors, tonight.

And then I’m going to watch Toy Story 2 (I don’t want you all to think I’m an entertainment snob 🙂


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  1. I went out for a little while today but it’s turned so cold I couldn’t wait to get back indoors!


  2. It’s getting colder again in Seattle, Lady B., and some areas may get some snow tonight. Ugh. Stay warm, and my best to Rob.


  3. I love Toy Story, I think it’s my favorite kids movie of all time. Enjoy!


  4. Melissa, it’s so well done. I’m glad you agree with me 🙂


  5. It was a beautiful day here with the temps in the 60s sun shining. I drove to the next town and did some shopping at Michaels. I’m making a floral wreath for the front door.I’ve read Stephen Carter’s first two novels. I remember after reading the first my thought was that the book could have been 300 pages shorter and I felt the same about the second one. I don’t think I will read the latest one.


  6. Nice picks I love the color,,Toy Story is one of my fav kid stories also,some movies it seems you never tire of watching this is one of them.


  7. Love the spring buds. You are an entertainment snob thats why I like coming here. You give me all the hot tips – including Toy Story – I have never watched it – its true. Hope the weather gets a little warmer.


  8. Dakota Bear, I hope you share your wreath with us when it’s done! About Stephen Carter, I think the 3rd one is actually his best, and I agree with you about the first two.


  9. I agree, Floyd! Thanks to my grandchildren,I’ve seen both Toy Story movies many times and never get tired of them!


  10. Hey Lilly, thanks! I loved Toy Story, both 1&2! Fun!It's a bit warmer here today, the sun is shining right now, so that's a good thing! Take care.


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