Earth Hour 2009

I’m taking part in earth Hour tonight!

The photo above is the backyard lights of the house next door.

I was too lazy to light candles, so I spent the hour listening to my battery-powered radio.

It was a long hour, but I did it!

Between 8:30-9:30, I will use no electricity.


I know I can do it!

Can you?


Many thanks to Rose for reminding me about Earth Hour 2009.

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  1. Gulp-2,,it is harder than it sounds, but you did it yeaaa.


  2. Good work I did it too. Wonderful concept.


  3. I must admit I did not do it – but then I am not an extravagant type of person anyway. I know some people who switch all the lights on in the house and leave them on all the time every night. I am a lot more careful than that and I think that’s what counts..


  4. Lilly, I’m glad you participated also.


  5. Lady Banana, I decided at the last minute to take part in Earth Hour.


  6. Yeah, Floyd! I did miss the lights, and the ability to be online if I wanted to.


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