Snow, hot soup, books, and warmth

I WAS going to see the Watchmen movie today.

But we are getting rain mixed with snow, and I’m not going to venture outside too far.

It’s really, really cold, and will be getting colder this evening.

And I’m fighting what feels like yet another cold.

But back to the weather.

I snapped this photo a few minutes ago–we are getting a mixture of rain and snow right now. Click on the photo to see the rain/snow.

So I’ve got my crock pot filled up with the makings of soup, I’ve got my thick socks and jammies on (I may not get dressed today), and I’m going to check out pay-per-view movies.

I love it when bad weather hits, and I don’t have to go anyplace.

I just started a book last night: The Brass Verdict, and I’m going to read today also.

Take care!

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  1. At long last we are having a sunny day with the temperature in the 60s, didn’t think it was ever going to come. Back on Monday I had 8 inches of snow and the temperature in the single digits low 20s most of the week.


  2. I’m glad you are finally having a warmer day, Dakota Bear.


  3. It is nice to curl up inside when the weather is bad but I’ve now had enough of bad weather and long for more sunshine and more daylight!


  4. Lady Banana, I’m with you. Soon we will have warm weather, at least I hope so!


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