Back home, after an interesting experience

I’m back home tonight, after a rigorous (but awesome) two day training for work.

My hotel experience was okay, but not the best.

This hotel was the Embassy Suites (owned by Hilton) close to SeaTac Airport.

I walked into my hotel room last night, just after 5:00 p.m.

Tired and cranky, I wanted a quick dinner and early bedtime.

I did not sleep well Saturday evening, and I was still dragging a bit yesterday.

So back to last night.

I inserted my key card into my hotel room door (remember when hotel rooms had actual keys?).

Anyhoo, when I inserted the key card, the little green light twinkled, there was a click, and I opened the now unlocked door, and stepped into the Brazilian rain forest.

The temperature in the room was 74.5 degrees F, and the heat was still coming.

I ran over to the thermostat and turned the heat off.

I unpacked my bag and waited for the suite to cool down.

Really cranky by now, I went to the bedroom and opened the windows as far as I could.

I should have left the room and gone downstairs for dinner, but the concept of eating in public made me want to vomit.

So I ordered room service and turned on the television.

I had a great meal, a little vino, and things began to look up.

Then, having eaten, it was time to go to the bathroom.


I did my “business” and then reached for the toilet paper.

There was no toilet paper.


So, thanks to Kleenex and a working shower/bathtub, I cleaned myself up.

Then I called housekeeping.

No answer.

So I called the hotel’s front desk, and asked for someone to bring me some t.p.

“Will do, right away,” was the answer I got.


Five minutes later, the phone rang and the front desk clerk told me the housekeeper was on break, could I wait for fifteen minutes?

Like I have a choice?

I paid good bucks for this hotel room, there’s no way I’m schelping downstairs because nobody thought to leave toilet paper in my hotel room.

About fifteen minutes later, the toilet paper arrived.

I went to bed early and slept for nine hours, with no problems.

Good thing.

And I never had to turn the heat back on.

Funny side note: In the bathroom was a sign saying that Hilton Hotels is trying to save money on water and laundry supplies, so Hilton appreciates if guests reuse their towels.

Hilton needs to save money somewhere, if their rooms are kept at almost 75 degrees!

Anyway, I will by your blogs tomorrow night, after work.

It’s good to be home!

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  1. Makes you love home all the more…. 🙂


  2. Ah, room good. Should allow you to rest. Good luck. (Smile)


  3. Oh yes, hotels can be an adventure. Or as Momma Gump said “like a box of chocolates”.


  4. No toilet paper? Wait fifteen more minutes for it? Um, there are “times” when that just ain’t possible.But I’m glad you finally got a good night’s sleep.


  5. I am glad you got a good night sleep…


  6. I have to agree with Mamacita, there are times when 15 minutes is just too long to wait.Glad you got some sleep. It sounds like your training went well anyway.


  7. How miserable, except for the good night’s sleep!


  8. @Braja, you know it! I’ve got all kinds of toilet paper at home!@skywind, thanks for the comment!@dakota bear, this hotel was a different experience for sure!@Aerie-el, the sleep really helped for sure.@mamacita, that’s what I thought too! The sleep did help.@DEbo, the sleep was good 🙂@Tammy, the training was really good, but am I glad to be home 🙂


  9. Oh, the joys of a night in a hotel. Sometimes I would give my favourite book away for just one night on my own, in clean and tidy peace and quiet, without cats to feed and children to shout at!


  10. Jane, it was a clean and tidy hotel room, just hot with no toilet paper. Thanks for the comment!


  11. The hotel room is spacious! You have to pay for the accommodation, not the company? Hilton Hotel and the service is not good. hmmmm….


  12. eastcoast, I just completed a survey from Hilton Hotels. The room was spacious, included two flat screen televisions. But I expect toilet paper–and it turns out they overcharged me! Not by much, but it’s just one more thing.


  13. Sounds like they were trying to save money on Toilet Paper too. lol


  14. Yeah, that toilet paper can be expensive, Rose 🙂


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