Getting ready to travel again..short trip!

I’m going to be away, just for a few days, to attend a training for work.

The training runs for two days, and I’m spending tomorrow night at the hotel where the conference is being held.

It’s a treat to myself.

My beloved laptop will not be coming with me, but I am taking my camera!

I will be back Wednesday.


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  1. Learn a lot and have a good time.


  2. This just reminded me I have training 3 days this coming week.. but mine is all in-house.Hope your’s is good 🙂


  3. Will do, Dakota Bear! Thanks.


  4. I have lots of those in-house trainings also, Lady B. Some are pretty good, others kind of suck.


  5. Nice!Thanks for the tribute to Paul Harvey too.


  6. You are welcome, Cloudia. Aloha!


  7. That is lovely! Enjoy your stay at the hotel and do some sight-seeing. 🙂


  8. Have a good trip, Gran!


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