My library hold list


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It’s happened again.

Multiple items on my library hold list come in all at once.

Right now I’m reading Burn Out by Marcia Muller.

San Francisco private investigator Sharon McCone tries to get away from it all, and ends up in the middle of another mess.

Go figure.

Cleaning up messes is McCone’s passion, and her business.

What a great way to spend a cold Saturday–home, under a warm blanket, reading a Marcia Muller mystery.

Life just get any better.

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  1. May I ask, when you hold books at the library to you have to pay?


  2. So, you’re under the blanket… cup of tea? Maybe a slice of pecan pie, or bakewell tart?


  3. I pay, but not with money–with time!

    I’m able to search for titles online, to see if they are available.

    If not, I’m able to put a hold on the books I want to read, and I just have to wait. The library will tell me how many people are ahead of me. Sometimes I just want the book sooner, so I decide to buy it locally or through

    Thanks for the comment, Lady Banana.


  4. I have never read Marcia Muller, but the book sounds interesting. Net time I am looking for a book I will try to remember her.


  5. Tammy, when you get a chance, try a Marcia Muller book, and let me know what you think! Sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment–I’ve been busy, and very tired!


  6. matecanaut, just rest and relaxation! And maybe a tart 🙂


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