Snow and rumors of snow

We woke up to snow this morning.


I waited over an hour for a bus this morning, and got to work thirty minutes late.

The snow is not expected to last, thank goodness.

And tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness.

TGIF and be well my friends.

I will visit your blogs tomorrow!

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Mom, Grandma, retired social worker, blogger. I love reading fiction of all kinds, and I'm also addicted to television (Netflix, Hulu, Acorn, Amazon video).

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  1. It’s Friday here Gran, so where are you??!


  2. There seems to be a lot of snow going around this year. Well, keep warm. 🙂


  3. The great thing about blogging, Gran is you don’t have to leave home and you can meet some pretty wonderful people.Looking forward to your visit I’ll put the kettle on.


  4. Annie, time for a cuppa. Thanks!


  5. Braja, I was at work all day. Snore 🙂


  6. Debo, keeping warm has been hard to do in Seattle, almost all week long!


  7. Look at the snow! It’s still cold and snowing in your place. We are having rain. 😦


  8. eastcoast, we have rain coming also. Thank goodness this last bout of snow didn’t last long, although there are traces of snow, here and there!


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