Off to a birthday party

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I’m off to a birthday party today.

My granddaughter Neve is 12.


How did this happen?

The years are going fast, my friends.

C-ya later.

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  1. Sounds like a cake and ice-cream day, have fun.


  2. Par-tay, Gran 🙂I know about those years…my nephew is 29 this year. It’s ridiculous…little babies then bang, they’re adults, parents, and on their way to being Grans 🙂Hve a wonderful time…


  3. Thanks, Floyd! I’m too full to move!


  4. Braja, the little guys and gals are growing fast! Thanks, we all had a great time.


  5. Neve…that’s a great name. Sounds like a fun party.Nothin’ like seeing kids grow up to give one a perspective of time passing. Though I have no idea how they’re getting older when I’m still only 25! LOL 🙂


  6. It is true Gran, the time goes and now you have yourself an almost teenage grand daughter!


  7. Aerie-el, you have lots of time!


  8. It goes by in a blur, Lilly!


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