A break is coming

My son and daughter-in-law are back tonight, and I will get to sleep in my own bed tonight.


I go back to work tomorrow; I’ve been off work since Friday.

I’m working for four days, then I’m treating myself to a weekend in a posh Seattle hotel, complete with a jacuzzi tub and a king-size bed.

I. Can. Hardly. Wait.

I may take my laptop with me, and I may not, but I will be taking pictures this weekend!

And–I will be visiting blogs starting tomorrow night.

My Google Reader must be bursting at the seams right now.

And Lilly, no cupcakes on the streets of Seattle right now.

Please explain, mu Aussie friend!

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  1. Hi……… Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!Great! Keep writing…….


  2. LO Gran – I saw this link and it intrigued me http://www.cakespy.com/2009/01/taking-it-to-sweet-cupcake-street-art.htmlGood on you for spoiling yourself. Now we want to see all the pictures of course!


  3. Hey Lilly,I love it.And you will see pictures of my weekend away.


  4. Hi Susan! thanks!


  5. Welcome back! Glad to hear you survived the weekend(been there done that). As I recall four days of work are harder than five, because we try to fit those five into four.Weekend in the hotel with jacuzzi sounds divine. Enjoy!


  6. Dakota Bear, too true! Emails, voice mails, I hope the weekend comes quickly 🙂


  7. WELCOME BACK.. I bet that e mail box is popping that isfor sure.Hope you have a great time take pics so we can see the place.. heheh Take care 🙂


  8. Hey Caroldee! I’ve got my email under control, but my Google Reader is at 700 and climbing! I hope you are well. It’s cool and sunny here today, expecting rain by the weekend.


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